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My Story

t's been 20 years since my chronic pain began. I remember it vividly. It slowly crept in during my first 2 years of university and became a full force in my life in the fall of 2000. I suffered from daily headaches and neck pain that became so unbearable I couldn't work on a consistent basis. My job at the time was extremely physical, as I was beginning my career in the wine industry. Harvest 2000 really took a toll on me and the pain was excruciating for the next 4 years before I had an official diagnosis of Arnold Chiari Malformation. A condition that is characterized by a small skull that forces the cerebral tonsils of the brain to go down the spinal cord and reduce spinal fluid flow. Finally an answer! Little did I know, it would begin my journey with chronic pain for the rest of my life. In 2005, I had surgery that opened up the back of my skull, removing a piece of bone to make more room while also removing most of the first vertebra. The surgery was a life saver. I went on for 10 years with minimal pain. I was able to get married and have 2 beautiful children. Over time, my pain has creeped back (I'm sure age has something to do with it too, as I'm now 40) so much so, that I've tried every health solution out there to manage the pain. Realizing that I couldn't find exactly what I needed for what pain I was suffering from that day, I decided to begin making my own. The heating pads I've created target specific pain areas, legs, neck, head etc... I later decided to share my products with everyone on so that I can help others manage their pain as I have.

- Jessica


Wrapped In Comfort

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