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Heating/Cooling Pad Benefits

**Please note: I am not a medical professional and everything written within this article is personal opinion. If you have a concern, please consult a medical professional before using heating/cooling pad products. 
Heat therapy is prescribed by many doctors and physiotherapists. It dilates the blood vessels of the muscles to increase the flow of oxygen, which repairs the damaged tissue.
Heat also stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, which means that applying heat can decrease pain signals to the brain and offer comfort :)
Heat allows the soft tissues to stretch, which helps decrease stiffness of joints.

Provides comfort from a variety of conditions:
-Muscle aches
-Menstrual cramps
-Stomach pain
-Post surgery recovery
-Children's aches and pains
-Comfort from anxiety
-Comforting for children 
-Growing pains
-Multiple Sclerosis
-Chiari Malformation
-Neck pain
-Spine pain
-Back pain

-As well as many other acute and chronic conditions

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